time reflects back on itself through conscious observation, meanwhile the mind splits identities in the ever changing moment.

this “easter revelation,” came to me after spending forty eight hours in a blacked out room, praying, chanting, taking more and more mushrooms and invoking the divine mystery of christ’s two nights of death.

it is written in a voice that seemed foreign to me then, and even more so now. it is a shock jock josh that the rest of me rarely gets to meet.

it came from the bliss of a beautiful day, the first sighting of light in forty eight hours, no sleep, and an epiphany that seemed at that moment the sum of everything.

and so, with the grit and dirt that comes from shrooms and makes everything feel holy, i began to create a written metaphor of the gross body, and that is exactly what you’ll find, a gross body. with this clarification and history the rest of me hopes it may be possible to prevent some of the judging i myself am judging myself with. . .

for this reason i give to you the symbol of a broken eggshell cracked in half, intro and epilogue, with that easter day’s true gold and yoke delivered in-between.

i find that life is often like this, leaving behind odd shells that made sense in the moment, but were to sharp or confining to keep around. scattered throughout the debris, we find something of value.

as all of this work is a sort of exhibition, a demonstration of the ecstasy and madness of the inner search, i have made the decision to show it all. shadow, shells and yoke.