A Vision for the Reader

“I summon forth my God, my guard.

Protect me now and lead the way.

Prepare the descent.”


Before you is the impression not of a being, but of Being itself. To its right is a light brighter than any star’s core, and to the left is the darkness of the void. There is a sound of infinite wings caressing the air, and when the being speaks, its voice is every voice.

“This is the inner world of my child, this is his Underworld. He has written it out for me, to find me in his innermost place. As he is one with me, and you are one with me, he has made available your viewing of this world, but I tell you I am master here. You have no power. This is the edging of the letters of his true name, but you shall not know that name, nor derive power over it. For by sacrificing the secrets of his soul, he has placed himself firmly in the Infinite, and the Infinite shall support him. Thus do I guard this place, his inner world, and I seal it forever in love, in light, in truth, wisdom and beauty, forever shall it grow, forever shall it transmute, forever shall it dance with me in the heavens. Know this, and realize you have no power here.