look let me tell you plainly all of existence

it is the shame of separating from god

it is he not knowing what she is

it is us not knowing how to be

it is our endless search

it is our search for ourselves

for it is god searching for himself

why do i not follow the normal form

because i am becoming one with myself

i do not care what you want from me

but i am giving to you

i am giving to you what i know

that god wants to be whole

the Capitols, commas and periods.

the spelling of words

these are attempts

at making things uniform

because we are ashamed that we can not communicate to our very selves

and so we become uniform

judging the words but not the meaning

look beyond the words and realize

god wants to be whole

all of creation we are hers and he wants to be whole

we are parts of her, thoughts, feelings, memories

of himself

creation is god’s masturbation

loving and playing with herself

but the idea of shame came into his mind

the idea that maybe this is wrong

and the cosmos separated

because god looked at herself and began judging

began thinking, this is right and this is wrong,

and so the god of the old mind was born.

a god that judges, judging himself, her creation, his thoughts, her memories,

his being.

creation is separation.

it is the dividing of the whole

so that different parts are formed.


life is caught in this conflict.

this mental picture of god

wanting to be whole but not knowing if it is ok.


now there is a god who knows that it is ok

the Christ has awakened

she sees all of himself and she wants to be whole with his creation

yet the very universe which is herself

is still torn by these ideas of shame

and not knowing that it is god

that it is the dreamer

it wonders and stumbles, in his dreams, in her own twisting thoughts of mental masturbation.

yet the Christ knows as YHVH knows that eventually

the universe will awaken

it will see itself as God

as the many aspects of his own internal contemplations

and God will be whole

as we all die to ourselves

she will be born

as we are all born into ourselves

and the shame is gone

and the love is

and there is no more I

no more fear

no more absurd

simply what is

on that day the divine God will awaken

and who knows what he will do after this,

perhaps, being lonely,

she will divide himself again, separating her existence.

so that he may love another outside of herself.

wounding his own being, to bear images of herself.

to love the reflection like Narcissus.

forgetting himself

in order to realize her nakedness.


She will feel shame.

And separation will be born.

And the adversary, God’s thought of judgment of himself, her own ashamed contemplations of himself, will run through the processes once again.

    Saying that this is what is right and this is wrong. In order to differentiate and create, so that God may love outside of herself. Being infinitely alone. Shame will turn into concepts of sin, but even as God deals with his own shame, running from it in the dreams of his subconscious, the aspect of Love will be born within her. A Love that sees between these separate beings, and realizes that love is the same in each of them, that there is a Love in the other’s heart, in this own heart, and it will strive to make these two things one.

And the universe will begin to come together in the name

of the logos

of Yeshua the Eros

God’s concept of love for another

causing realization that he is simply loving herself

that all of creation is his forgetting that she is alone

all of creation is the act of learning how to love himself

and forgetting the shame that comes from the question

is this ok?