Spirituality Goes Hand in Hand With Social Change

If we are looking for a silver lining in America’s current political climate, it’s an increased call for social awareness and action. People are organizing like never before, and we are looking for answers to make powerful, effective change. Change in our society, change in ourselves and change in the world.

The times are certainly desperate, with military and political agitation rising across the world and an environmental crisis like nothing humanity has ever faced.

On top of this, the world’s institutions have proved themselves to be ill-equipped to respond to the knowledge and insight of our brightest scientific minds and analysts, and thus ill-equipped to handle these crises.

Now more than ever, our spiritual practice will be needed to fortify ourselves and keep us engaged in active participation for transformation and positive change.

Six Messages that Get in the Way of Social Change

Many of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders started their spiritual revolutions by challenging the beliefs of the day. Often these were the foundational beliefs of the time and culture, beliefs that obstructed Social Awareness, Justice and Equality. . .

. . .today I am going to share some beliefs that came to light in my own self-reflection and meditation. Most of them are popular; they’ve been rather popular with me too.

I don’t think they’re wrong, I think they just need to be examined and observed in our lives, tested if to see if they are leading to unconscious roadblocks to our own social activism and justice.