It's Aquarius Season. What Unique Perspective Do You Bring To The World?

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How will you bring this to the thirsty masses?

Today we move into the sign of Aquarius, opening a new dialogue in the symbol system of the stars. A moment of reflection about how we are changing the world.

Aquarius is known for its eccentrics, artists and inventors, and its call for social justice.

Traditionally Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. An odd choice at first glance.

Saturn is often thought of as the firm father. A taskmaster that keeps us on our toes, working hard and pointing out our flaws.

However, Saturn is also the god of the golden age and the Saturnalia, a feast of freedom and enjoyment in the dark of winter.

During the Saturnalia, masters dined and played games with servants and slaves, for a few days a year, equality reigned. (At least amongst the men, there's always room to improve!)

While Capricorn represents the side of Saturn devoted to tradition, to carrying on the meaning and wisdom of the past, Aquarius holds to the side of Saturn we see in the Saturnalia.

The side that overthrows the way the world is for a vision of the way the world could be.

I see this relationship clearly defined in the Jewish story, between the establishment of the Jewish priesthood and the tradition of the prophets.

The priesthood was established by the laws of Moses. It was Capricorn energy through and through, it knew where it derived its meaning, and it sought to carry out that tradition.

Meanwhile, the prophets, often seeming like madmen, wander in from the deserts, are raised up from the younger brothers, the poor, and the outcasts.

They don't just carry on the tradition, they speak to the divine itself and correct the course of civilization.

We need prophets, visionaries, people who can see what is useful from the past, and what needs to change.

The sign of Aquarius is that of the water bearer, Ganymede, a Trojan youth so handsome that Zeus flew down from the heavens to take him up to Olympus.

Once there he served the very gods their drinks and gained immortality.

On its surface, this is just another account of Zeus being an old lecher, but it always helps to go deeper.

Xenophon, a Greek philosopher, attributes the following breakdown of Ganymede's name to Socrates.

In it, ganu (taking pleasure) is wedded to med (mind.)

He argues that Zeus, the king of the gods, fell in love with the boy's mind or psyche. In the Greek world, the mind and soul were often one and the same, or the mind was seen as a particular part or faculty of the soul.

In Xenophon's own works the mind (nous) is what directs our body to the intentions of the divine, allowing us to work with the wisdom of the god that is in everything.

Under this interpretation Ganymede wasn't just handsome, his soul was beautiful and this so linked him to the divine that he was carried away to pour the waters that will quench the thirst of the gods. Empowering the gods to do their work to maintain cosmic order.

The time of Aquarius is the perfect time to ask ourselves how we will let our minds and souls shine.

We see how the world has been built upon the past, now as active participants with our own unique perspective, we're asked to shine and change what we must in this world.

How will you bring water, bring life, to the thirsty masses?