A Prayer of Praise

For who is like El-O-Him?

The maker of everything.


How mighty is the Sun, the source of energy for you and me and everyone.

From golden light comes golden wheat, and a neighbor’s dark green grass.

The light, it nourishes from distances so vast. How great is the Sun?

But it is only one, and El-O-Him made so many,

So many suns.


The Moon is pretty, my favorite night lass,

With a gleam of white glass, her silken light seduces.

So white and bright, you awaken in me wonder;

You open my eyes to memories of being,

Of others who stood beneath your beautiful light.

Of the past, of the now, of delightful sight,

Silver amongst poor rhymes.


Oh magnificent keeper of the night,

With changing face, and stolen grace,

How beautiful you are in my eyes.

The eyes of El-O-Him’s design, so let us thank

Together the Three;

Sun, the Moon and Stars,

Reflections of thee.


This world is lush in forest green,

With violet sunsets and deep blue seas.

This world is beautiful and filled with nature’s great deeds.

The beauty overwhelms me,

It causes my mind to wander worlds of wonderment unseen,

As the great vistas about me steal my breath like a dream.


YHVH created this great scene,

Weaving his path, blazing a righteous trail.

Guide me oh my Lord on these paths unseen.

Let me dance before your throne,

Of you may I dream.


Do you see that woman?

Beautiful she is to me, I weep for what I see.

Does anything make you want more

Than that woman’s beauty, her clothes lying on the floor?

YHVH you designed her, beauty is yours forever more.


And do you see that man?

In my heart rises delight at the comradery by my side,

At the bravery and the vastness of pride.

Oh look at this champion of life,

What more could you want beside you?


Oh El-O-Him you made him, in your glory we take our delight.

In righteousness and Dignity,

Our magnificent creator is our pleasure.

In him I find the rules to measure

Majesty and Pride, he is my treasure.


Yeshua in your love we hide, in your blood I lose my mind,

Contemplating your infinite grace.

Oh how I would love to see your face,

And Know heaven’s bountiful space.


A look of love from Christ’s bloodied visage

And beauty no more could make me weep,

For my lord’s grace alone, forever more would I seek.

Never finding a higher peak.