Take from me my foolishness,

Take from me my wisdom and my pride.

Take my knowledge and my tears,

Take my golden and black years.

Take my hearing and my sight,

Take away all of my delight,

Take away my strength and my mind.

Take away the I and the me

And let it be us and we.

Yeshua cleanse the path of YHVH, and let El-O-Him dwell with

Me, as a we, make me whole, make me hear and see.


Give me wisdom, give me grace.

Give me sight of God’s holy face.

Give me the years you allotted me,

Let me delight in you,

And delight in me.

Give me strength, fill my brain.

Give me your golden boons;

A purified heart, cleansed mind, spirit, Atman, soul divine.

Give to me you, so that I may be whole and abide!




For you alone will I breathe,

Sing, Sigh,

Live and Die