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Thirteen Ways to Transform Your Stress

We are all familiar with stress. It’s just part of life these days, but as familiar as it is, it can be managed. There are many scientifically based remedies to stress, which is why I’ve made this list. Sprinkled throughout are some other remedies from older traditions that I know have worked for myself and clients.

1. Observe and be kind to yourself

The first start to any consciousness or transformative practice is simply to try to observe. Figure out what your triggers are, and how you react. Where does your Hippocampus take you when you’re on autopilot? Is it to a cookie or a beer?

How Stress is Sabotaging You and Your Goals

The Mind is Neural Chemical

When I was nineteen, a nurse came into work to give flu shots. She administered these while telling everyone about stress and its effects on the body. If there was a proselytizer for the stress effect, it was her, and it was well before Dr. Oz and others started talking about it.

At the time I thought she was crazy. She was describing an emotion, and while I knew it had a chemical basis, that didn’t seem to be enough to account for everything she was claiming, such as stress’s effects on the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and addiction.