Mercury Paths Of Transformation

 Mercury Retrograde July 2019

I was inspired by Mercury to create this recording to help us nurture and nourish our ability to shine.

This transit from Mercury in Leo back into the sign of Cancer and the Mother can be used to help us connect to the Cosmic Mother and Matriarch.

A source of power that knows tending to what we love is what causes it to grow.

Enjoy the recording!

P.S. It’s below all this blank space and the latest chuckle from Mercury as I try to format things.

May you be blessed in the work that you do!

How to use Hypnosis: Download this onto an mp3 player or phone and listen with headphones before bed in a relaxing place that is safe to sleep. If you fall asleep while listening great! It will have the same results whether you are asleep or awake.

Always try to listen for 30 days in a row, the more you can listen in a day the better. Twice a day is great, three times a day is even better!

Hypnosis is different for everyone. Some people feel wide awake, some people feel like they're fast asleep. If we come to this practice with no expectations of how we feel we'll get a lot more from it. If you find your mind racing or it is planning the day's errands then try focusing on your breath, the background noise or the binaural beats.

Warning: Please do not use while driving.