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The Day After Elections, a Time for Coming Out

There are two voices inside me right now as I get ready to post this.

One says you should never speak about politics anywhere near your business.

The other says that many people in this nation are currently feeling desperately lost and confused. So as a peer who is experiencing this self-same experience I am posting this on here.

Today I came out to family and friends on facebook. I realize that as the nation has decided to take towards repression I must become clear in my identity and in my voice. Below is what I posted:

Why I'm a Blogging Hypnotist and Lifecoach

Thank You!

In some of my harder, darker times, it was this moment, this moment right HERE that got me through.It was the dream of this life, this ability to share with others, to be able to speak to them about their pain, their suffering, and the ways that they can transform it all that kept me going.

It was comforting to know that I wouldn’t just be preaching, or telling people something that I read in a book, but rather something I experienced, something I know from the inside out.