My clients are driven to change. These are in fact the only clients that I accept, people who are desperate for transformation. If this is one of the first great points of change in your life, perhaps you are experiencing it as a true desperation in your soul, something that just won't let go of you. If you have been around the block some, perhaps you have that old familiar sensation in your neck or running down your spine, that old voice telling you things need to change and they need to change now.

There are many modes of transformation and change. Occasionally we are lucky or unlucky enough to experience a contemplative mode where we casually think about what needs to change and when. That isn't the time to call me and set up a consultation. Instead I take clients when they are in the clutches of change, whether that means they are tumbling in the hurricane of it all or like a seasoned vet they are simply hearing that familiar call.

True change requires a deep internal energy. It doesn't need to be flashy, hyper or heroic, it simply needs to be a repetitive pressure, something that slowly or quickly prods you on. Personally I can not supply this energy for you and I don't believe anyone can. However, once you have experienced that build up of energy the two of us can work together to give it structure and form. To build a windmill, or a waterwheel if you like, and harness that energy for the creation of your new life.

If you believe I can help you with this, please schedule a Consultation.