Hi, I'm Joshua Burkhart

I work with people who want to transform their lives from the inside out.

People who want to discover a new relationship to themselves and to embody this in the most authentic, healthiest life possible.

This is my true specialty. Weaving back and forth between the depths of a person, and the familiar life of daily thoughts, nutrition, habits, environments, and mindset.

For this work I employ all my tools of hypnosis, coaching, peer insight, and well researched guidance.

This allows me to work with clients on a whole host of challenges from weight loss to smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, and spiritual self discovery.

Weight Loss For A Healthier Life

I have worked with hundreds of clients on their weight loss success. I know that weight loss is not simply a matter of calories and exercise.

If this were the case you could simply diet your weight away and it would stay off forever.

That's not how it works though. My clients see their best success when we work on their lives in a holistic manner. Addressing everything from food, nutrition, and exercise to stress management, healing emotional wounds, and getting a better nights sleep.

All of these factors affect weight loss because all of these factors affect you.

I understand that you are a dynamic individual and that weight loss is just as much about the mind, and past experiences as it is about the body.

This is what allows me to truly reach and support my clients. I understand how hard it is to change a behavior. Not only have I studied behavioral change, but I have experienced it inside and out.

I put this knowledge to good use in finding the other bits of life often overlooked, which directly affect my client's health and wellbeing as well as their goals.

Balancing Mental Health To Thrive

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

Not only have I experienced mental health challenges and all that it takes to balance them through my own bipolar and trauma, but I have worked with War Veterans, Cancer Survivors and others with Depression, PTSD, and any number of mental health challenges.

The goal is not simply to heal and survive, it is to thrive, while using these experiences to further understand yourself, your walk in life, and what you have to offer the world.

I am a Peer Wellness Specialist licensed by the State of Oregon and trained to help facilitate your own transformation and goals. Helping you find your power and agency to do exactly what it is you are meant to do.

I bring to this work everything I have learned to balance and empower my own life and mind, my training, my research, my personal experience, and all that I have experienced with other clients.

Transformation through the challenges of mental health is an absolute passion of mine. I am truly thankful that I have the privilege of understanding mental health challenges in my own life in order to help others with their own empowerment and transformation.

Overcoming Addictions

Personally I have overcome smoking, marijuana, alcohol, and codependency addictions.

I have also worked with many clients on overcoming their own addictions. I am trained as a Peer Wellness Specialist in both mental health and addiction recovery and I am a licensed Recovery Mentor with the State of Oregon.

I have found that while we are often ashamed and shamed for our addictive behavior, our experiences of addiction, our road to recovery, and our maintenance of sobriety is some of the most enlightening and self empowering work we can experience in our lives.

I bring this understanding to addiction work. Personal understanding and understanding of the neurology and psychology of addiction itself. I can help you not only overcome your addictions but better understand yourself and what has led to these behaviors.

Often at the root of this search we find our greatest strengthens and a deepening of our wisdom. 

Spiritual Exploration and Crisis

My recovery from substances and mental health challenges went hand in hand with spiritual healing and a quest for greater spiritual well being.

Raised in a conservative Christian home I understand what it is like to have to walk away from the traditions one has been raised in. I also understand the rapture of discovering your own spiritual path.

I am absolutely obsessed with spiritual traditions, their histories, theologies, beliefs, and the experiences of their practitioners, and I have been able to use this to help clients find their own spiritual path.

When unfamiliar mythos enters your life and dreams I am able to connect the dots from traditions spread across the world and throughout time. I work with my own life taught knowledge, trainings from shamans, rabbis, and other spiritual practitioners, a deep sense of intuition, and spiritual guidance.

I can give context and an outsider's perspective on this spiritual path often filled with both awe and terror. Giving you a better look at what you are going through.

And when times get overwhelming or you are lost in the liminal I can help you remember the rest of life, the whole you.

We'll stay grounded with the basics of physical and mental self-care, and the establishment of concrete life goals that incorporate your spiritual truth and exploration. All while you discover and explore the truth of your spiritual existence.

What's The Next Step?

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Let's get you the tools you need to make the change you so desire!

You can start if you like with some of the freebies I offer.

Like signing up for my mailing list and receiving my free guide "Breaking Out of the Rut and Getting Back to Basics."

It has a list of things I go over with every client to make sure the basics are covered:

  • Sleep Well
  • Heal Trauma
  • Manage Stress
  • Eat Right

I also include a free hypnosis. It's a great way to empower your own self work and to hear a sample of my voice and see how it resonates with you.

Just sign up here.

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You can also check me out on FaceBook where I'm constantly sharing great content and free information.

If you like what you see and this feels like a good fit then I'd recommend checking out my Work With Me Page, or scheduling a Free Consultation so I can get to know you and your story and we can brainstorm how we'll work together and transform your life.

What Does That Work Look Like?

I'll act as a catalyst for your transformation!

I put my tools and training in life coaching, hypnosis, and peer wellness to use for you as I hold space, coach, guide, and inspire your self exploration, growth, healing, and transformation.

Together You And I Will Work To:

  • Transform Your Mindset
  • Overcome Negative Habits
  • Establish Healthy Habits and Practices
  • Discover, Heal, and Embody Your Authentic Self

I have seen this work empower people to lose weight while healing from traumas that have haunted them their entire lives.

I’ve seen people overcome their lifelong anxiety in a matter of weeks and then dive into the depths of their self-discovery, healing relationships, and unlocking their creativity.

I've seen old addictions, bad habits, and negative mindsets melt away as people truly discover themselves and how to embody their truth in a healthy, authentic way.

How Can This Work Do So Much?

Because we dive into the depths of who you are and trace the path from your core to your every day habits and actions.

This is what I specialize in.

I specialize in you.

We'll start on the behavioral pieces, getting back to basics and establishing a healthy lifestyle. Covering everything from nutrition to meditation, exercise, the way you think about yourself, and organize your days.

As we build trust and the foundation for a healthy mind and body, we can begin to dive in and get to the root of your challenges. Old traumas, unconscious messages, the way the brain and your life have been shaped by your past, and the beliefs that no longer hold true

This makes for powerful transformation and change in your life on all levels, and it's what I love to do!

In fact, it's something I'm really good at, and I do it all from the perspective of a peer, someone who has gone through their own traumas and hardships and survived to tell the tale.

I am continuously growing, researching, and learning in order to be of the most use for your transformation.

This is how I believe we truly change the world. By healing our wounds, discovering our most authentic selves, and embodying our truths.

Are you ready for it?