It is with great joy that I am introducing Joshua Burkhart as your future life-coach. Whether you have a real problem or are simply seeking ways to improve the quality of your lifestyle, Joshua's Partnership and tremendous expertise will surely be of help to you.

Joshua studied comparative religion and philosophy at the University of the Pacific. His knowledge extends to many spiritual traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

It includes practical knowledge useful for self-cultivation, such as diet, meditation, yoga and Reiki.

His talent also lies in the transpersonal psychology where he works with multiple archetypes leading to a deeper, better understanding of one's mission here on earth and the joy of walking the path his clients are longing to undertake.

His extensive experience with hypnosis (obtained through professional occupation) will further add power of personal transformation obtained by working with him, during which he will stand by your side as a faithful companion with humor, elegant speech, and lots and lots of compassion and sympathy.

—Tanya Storch, Ph.D.

Professor of Buddhist Studies,
University of the Pacific, California

Author of:
Buddhist-based Universities in the United States, The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography: Censorship and Transformation and Mastering the Five Elements


Josh is an excellent student and healer… he took all of my advanced reiki classes, and is very gifted. His love for humanity and his gifts make him a very capable healer.

—Janis Kembel
Reiki Master and Teacher


Josh provided reiki and wellness coaching for me for a little over a year while I went through cancer treatment. He was consistent, kind, encouraging and always saw me as a healthy person going through a challenge rather than a "cancer patient." He celebrates my successes and is supportive and available during the harder times too. He has a lot to offer. . . . highly intuitive Reiki, grounded and informed lifestyle coaching, a friendly and inspiring presence, a wealth of knowledge of Earth's mythic and healing traditions. I am happy that Josh is part of my healing team, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of additional support for their own healing journeys.

—B.D., Tigard, Oregon


Where to start with Josh…I must say that regardless of all the unexplainable experiences I have had in my healing Journey, I always remain skeptical of those that claim to be healers. There is a lot of fluff and fanfare in this community and it takes a discerning intuition to find the real ones. The first time I met Josh and he performed Reiki on me my whole body started surging with energy. I started shaking right there on his table. Now, I have a lengthy trauma history and have had this sort of experience before, but never by someone simply laying their hands on me. It took me a while to really grasp what happened.

Josh is a true Reiki Master, but what he is and does goes far beyond that. I am not sure healers get any more real than this. He has been so instrumental in my healing from childhood trauma and war that I feel I may never be able to thank him adequately. He is an expert at the Mythos. All of them…I mean seriously. I think he is up there with Joseph Campbell and at the very least he has read all his work. He is well versed in Jungian thought and is an expert dream worker.

He is a true modern day Shaman. Keeping the traditions alive and integrating all the various “Medicines” into his holistic practice. He has been my go to for everything from Astrology, Reiki, Drumming, Ritual, Healing Song, Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Aroma Therapy, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Chinese Medicine, Life Coaching, Brain Chemistry, Trauma, and Counseling. He is very psychic and I laugh about all the times he has been able to pick up on things I had missed, or we have had the same experiences of the Mystery during our sessions.

Josh is a fierce spiritual warrior and at the same time a tender hearted, compassionate and empathic healer. Josh is extremely good at what he does, and he is clearly supported by a whole host of the Unseen. This is the type of healer the world needs. I know that he has been through all of the mythological Hells to get to where he is at, and he is no stranger to transition. He has spent a good deal of time in the Underworld and he has been able to use that experience time and time again to guide me through that fickle place when I am there myself.

With Gratitude and Hope for your Journey,

Shaun - Portland, OR


I used to get Reiki 35 years ago. I was used to another style and entered my therapeutic relationship with Mr. Burkhart with some trepidation. Despite my concerns, I found Mr. Burkhart’s approach to be very therapeutic and quite effective.

I especially liked that he told me what my body was telling him. I always found this to be very insightful and useful as well.

Since utilizing his services, I have seen my back decompress so much I am several inches taller than I was when I first started practice. I also noticed that when I was going regularly that my overall mood improved. I felt more ‘at peace’ with my body since it no longer was being ignored.

I would recommend Joshua to anyone looking for an effective and caring practitioner.

—Julian Rose