Talk to Me: The first time we talk will be in a free consultation. We will chat about your goals and the change you want to make in your life. The whole time I will be observing what will work best for you as we chart out the change and experience you are looking for and figure out what to do to catalyze your transformation.

I am hear to tell you something very important. Something you may have started doubting.

We can Transform our behaviors, and with them, our lives.

It may not seem like it. You may have tried everything out there to change your behaviors and life: from self help books to diets, supplements, therapies or special retreats. But I promise you I have worked with client after client who have tried "everything" and we finally found what works for them. It is my firm belief there is always something out there that will work for you. For everyone, it's just a matter of finding it.

Our minds are creatures of habit, easily conditioned, and often times locked into our own stories. Sometimes our brains are so good at processing the information that they already know that they are blind to the many opportunities for change that surround us. They get stuck in our histories, in our experiences and start to see the world in tunnel vision, wanting life to change but believing it is more realistic to expect more of the same, day in and day out.

I know I've been there. Absolutely sure I knew all my strengths and weaknesses and how they would keep me stuck exactly where I was no matter how much my want to change burned inside me.

I was stuck like this until I found the particular methods that worked best for me. They weren't main stream and they took a lot of exploration, a lot of trial and error. Along the way I discovered that this search was a process and I paid attention to it so that I may help others find their own ways. The particular ways that will work just for you.

The help of another along your own path of transformation helps accelerate your change by lending another pair of eyes. I can see your blind spots from the outside. I can see past the unconscious walls and assumptions and I have many tools to help show you what I am seeing. Further, I do this with the compassion, humanity, and humility of one who has been broken and healed myself.


Time after time! For hundreds of clients.

Brainstorming simple solutions to your daily problems is one of my favorite things to do, and clients tell me that I am quite good at it. Whether we are working on eating habits, weight loss, ways to balance and restore your moods, spiritual change or ways to improve your work life, we will envision a new healthy, positive you and will find what works best for you.

Life Coaching and Hypnosis: As a Life Coach I will help you put healthy practices to good use while we use Hypnosis to make it easier to implement these new behaviors.

Over the years I have assembled quite the tool kit to help further this work:

  • Hypnosis
  • Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Mirroring Techniques (Seeing your Blindspots)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Guided Meditations
  • Energy work

I am also Trained and Licensed by the State of Oregon to work as a Peer Wellness Mentor in both addictions and mental health recovery.  I am well versed on subjects ranging from nutrition to behavior and neurology and can offer insight and direction in these fields of understanding.

Whether we are working on smoking cessation, weight loss, work efficiency, deep intuitive practices or finding a spiritual identity or life philosophy I will be with you every step of the way.

Spiritual Guidance: While Life Coaching tends to be more goal based I have come across a number of clients who are experiencing spiritual and existential experiences that go far beyond set goals and the role of a Life Coach.

Often times these periods are marked by excruciating shifts of emotion and consciousness. People feel at times hopelessly lost and at other points more connected to the world and self than ever before. In this interweaving of hell and ecstasy it is easy to get lost.

At first I found that simply sharing my own experience going through this realm was a tremendous help to people. All too often we feel as if we are going insane as so much transformative information enters our lives it can't possibly be fathomed all at once.

As I started working more and more with people going through these experiences I started to discover a gift in my ability to give context to many of their experiences.

My obsession with spiritual traditions, esoteric systems, Jungian psychology and dream work can often give new insights on deep experiences and symbols whose meanings have been lost in the modern day.

By connecting our experiences to the many traditions of the world and past, we are able to see just how natural and meaningful our experience truly is and get a better understanding of what it is trying to teach us.

To further support you I bring in energy work and some practical insights on nutrition and behavior to help you feel more grounded and bring balance while you experience this most powerful of transformation.