The Week and the Seven Luminaries

In the astrology the seven luminaries are each paired with a day. In English these days are named with the german equivalent of the Roman gods, so Tyr for Mars or Woden for Mercury.

Thursday=Jupiter's Day

Friday=Venus's Day

Saturday=Saturn's Day.

Sunday=Sun's Day

Monday=Moon's Day

Tuesday=Mar's Day

Wednesday=Mercury's Day

Now I used to think that this was just an old hold over from the ancient world, but as I've started to work with the themes of the luminaries on their days it's allowed me to hold space for dynamic reflection and self-development.

For instance, for the last couple of weeks I have explored the concept of my relationship to abundance.

I grew up incredibly poor and everything we had was given away. The desire for money was seen to be evil and suffering was sort of a badge of honor, it meant you were suffering for God. (My Dad is a pastor.)

So there's a lot of unconscious messages that get in the way of my relationship to abundance and financial stability.

Working with the themes of the seven luminaries through the week has helped me see the issue through seven different sets of eyes. With the Moon I am able to ask, "what unconscious factors play into this relationship."

With Mars I can ask "how does this affect my energy, vitality, and passion?"

With Saturn I can ask w"hat have I sown with these old beliefs and how have I come to reap it?"

The seven days of the week and the seven luminaries have thus become seven different reflection points for dynamic self review.

Of course you can go a lot further with this, and I tend to. The seven luminaries can also add their own energy into your self exploration, integration, and adaptation.

Which is why I created this hypnosis recording to help me integrate and work with the week and the luminaries. I've loved it so much I decided to share it with all of you!

I trust it will help all of you further your relationship with the luminaries and your exploration of self as a dynamic individual.

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Returning to Nature's Rhythm

Returning To Nature's Rhythm

A Self Development Workshop Based on the Stars and Seasons