That is It, that is the answer to everything and the ending of this book.

So with this premature ejaculate spilling into your hand, or coming at you through your computer screen,

I’m sure you are wondering why you should continue to read, and what is in it for you.

The answer: Nothing.

Unless you enjoy It, love It,

or learn from It.

In which case you will gain everything.

These are my thoughts and contemplations, my attempts at figuring myself and this world out. These are the conversations of my soul with this universe, this cosmos, my Love and my God, and expressing all this to the world without.

This is my effort to digest the myths and religions of this world from all of its known places and times, and initiating myself into its mysteries through the magic of the written word.

Initiating myself into life.

Birthing a conscious self into existence.

Why should you continue reading? Because this could be the seed to do the same in you, or it may be poison. Is it Tantra, or just mental masturbation?

You must decide, be weary, you may run and hide, or face it with bravery, praying for truth. Always pray for truth, the Egyptians named her Ma’at.

Pray to God for all,

pray to Christ for love, pray to Ma’at for truth, and Sophia for wisdom. Pray to Athena for cunning, and Metis for deep knowledge. Pray to Mirmir and Thoth so that they may both teach you. Pray to Yeshua Ammon to guide you, and Ganesha to prepare the way. Pray to Shiva to destroy deception and Ego, Vishnu to sustain your Truth, Brahma to create you anew. Pray to Lakshmi to bless you, and Parvarti to empower you. Pray to YHWH to lead you, to guide and keep you, and pray that El-O-Him creates a paradise within you.

Over all, enjoy the ride, and your life, let each moment be a prayer, a lesson, blessing, breath and orgasm.

I am leaving this stage and monologue to continue editing.

In short you are going back in time to another consciousness of Joshua Burkhart, which was before Easter of 2011 and was still trying to figure everything out.

In his questionable hands I will now leave you, and may God bless!