Adam Ditter

Some quick notes.

Warning: Do not use while operating a vehicle. Always listen when you are able to recline and relax, do not multitask with hypnosis.

How to use Hypnosis: Throw this on an mp3 player or phone and listen with headphones before bed. If you fall asleep while listening great! It will have the same results whether you are asleep or awake.

Always try to listen for 30 days in a row, the more you can listen in a day the better. Twice a day is great, three times a day is even better!

Hypnosis is different for everyone. Some people feel wide awake, some people feel like they're fast asleep. If we come to this practice with no expectations of how we feel we'll get a lot more from it. If you find your mind racing or it is planning the day's errands then try focusing on your breath, the ocean waves or the bells.